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Wireless Dog GPS Fence System

Wireless Dog GPS Fence System

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What is a wireless dog fence system?

A wireless dog fence system is a way to contain and control your dog's movement without traditional visible boundaries like fences. It consists of a transmitter that creates a safe zone for your pet and a receiver that the dog wears on its collar.

How does a wireless dog fence system work?

The transmitter emits a radio signal in a circular pattern from a central location. The receiver on the dog's collar detects this signal. When the dog approaches the boundary (where the signal weakens), it receives a correction stimulus to deter it from crossing.

How does the training collar function work?

Our wireless fence not only helps you control your pet's location but also corrects its behavior. In training mode, you can influence the dog with sound, vibration, or electric shock by pressing the corresponding control buttons. You can adjust the intensity and duration of the stimuli using the buttons on the transmitter.

Can one fence be used for multiple dogs?

Yes, one transmitter can connect to three collars simultaneously. All collars automatically connect to the transmitter as soon as they are turned on.

What size dogs is this collar suitable for?

The collar is adjustable and fits all dogs, regardless of size.

Will the collar work if my dog gets caught in the rain?

Yes, with our GPS fence, you can feel assured that your pet is safe regardless of the weather. The collar has an IP65 waterproof rating, allowing walks in the rain, snow, or dew.

Are the transmitter and collar receiver rechargeable?

Yes, both the transmitter and the collar receiver are rechargeable. We provide a USB cable for charging the devices as a complimentary gift.

Is the collar safe for my dog?

Yes, the collar delivers only 3.7V, ensuring your dog's safety when using the system. However, this voltage is sufficient to remind your dog to return to the area controlled by the GPS fence.

How to use?

Switching Between Modes:

  • Fence Mode: Allows multiple receivers without code pairing. By default, it displays 16 gear settings (approximately 300 meters). Press "M" to switch to dog training mode.
  • Dog Trainer Mode: Supports code matching for training multiple dogs simultaneously. Start by turning on the receiver first, then the remote control for instant code matching. The factory settings are pre-coded for convenience.

Operation Modes:

1. Fence Mode:

  • LED displays "Fence Signal Icon" indicating outdoor electronic wireless fence mode.
  • Adjust distance from 1-16 gears using "+" or "-" buttons.
  • Press "M" to switch to dog training mode.

2. Dog Training Mode:

  • LED displays "1", "2", or "3" corresponding to receivers.
  • Press "CH" to select receivers.
  • Adjust vibration and electric shock intensity from gear 0 to gear 9. Gear 0 disables the function (e.g., set electric shock to 0 if only vibration is needed).

3. Distance Adjustment in Fence Mode:

  • "1" indicates a radius of about 16 meters, "2" about 32 meters, and so forth up to "16" (approximately 300 meters).

4. Multi-Dog Control in Dog Training Mode:

  • Control multiple dogs simultaneously.
  • LED screen displays "1" for dog 1, "2" for dog 2, etc.
  • Adjust sound, vibration, and electric shock intensity using "+" and "-".

Using the Outdoor Electronic Wireless Fence Function:

  • Press power to start.
  • Default fence mode displays 16 gears and fence signal icon on LED color screen.

Product Information

Worried about your dog's safety? Looking for a reliable way to track your dog's location? Afraid your dog might get lost in open areas? Does your dog love exploring new places and tend to run away?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, our best GPS dog fence system is perfect for you!

Our system combines two functions: a wireless fence and a training collar. No need to buy two separate devices— Claws&Paws saves you money by integrating both functions into one device.

The signal of our GPS fence is much more accurate and stable than that of other brands collars, thanks to an upgraded 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi signal transmission system.


The set includes two silicone caps. If you have not used this training collar before, we recommend putting on the silicone caps to protect your pet's fur ♡

Harnessing the power of the latest 2.4GHz Signal Source, our GPS Electric Fence Dog Collar ensures unparalleled accuracy and stability, far surpassing traditional WiFi-based systems. Customize your dog's safety zone effortlessly with up to 16 adjustable levels spanning distances from 30ft to an impressive 800ft. When your adventurous companion approaches the boundary, a gentle warning tone precedes a mild electrostatic reminder, ensuring they stay within safe limits.

Versatility meets control with our Remote Dog Training Collar Mode, capable of managing up to 3 dogs simultaneously. Choose from Sound, Vibration, or adjustable Shock functions across 9 intensity levels, directly from the intuitive control panel. For sensitive pets, two silicone caps are included to mitigate discomfort while effectively reinforcing training.

Designed for durability, both the transmitter and receiver collar are IP65 waterproof rated, accommodating dogs of all sizes (10 to 110 pounds) regardless of outdoor conditions. Whether your dog romps through rain or splashes in puddles, our Invisible Fence GPS Collar ensures uninterrupted protection and training efficacy.