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Pet Nail Grinder Replacement Head

Pet Nail Grinder Replacement Head

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Bring comfort and professionalism to the care of your pets claws with our detachable grinding heads for nail grinders! Crafted from high-quality materials, they ensure effective and gentle grinding, preserving the health of yourpets claws.

The interchangeable heads easily fit into nail grinders, making the nail care process quickand safe. Specially designed for long-term use, our heads guarantee durability and superior grinding quality.

To maintain optimal claw health, it is recommended to regularly replace the heads. This is simple and cost-effective –you can always be confident that your pet is receiving the best care.

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Key Product Details:

Material: diamond material, copper.
Dimensions: 2x1.2x1.2cm

Included in the Package:

1/2/3/5 electric dog polishing heads

Don't delay in caring for the comfort of your furry friends. Purchase our detachable grinding heads today and provide your pets with gentle and professional care.

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