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Pet Electric Spray Massage Comb

Pet Electric Spray Massage Comb

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2-in-1 Electric Spray and Brush: This pet comb combines both electric spray and brushing functions in one, offering three main benefits - removing loose fur, cleaning, and massaging your pet.

Efficient Fur Removal and Cleaning: As you groom your pet, dander and loose fur collect on the brush. After grooming, simply press the fur removal button to effortlessly clean the brush. This comb is suitable for all short or long-haired pets. It's recommended to use the spray function for 3-5 seconds and then turn it off to prevent over-wetting of the fur.

Gentle Skin Protection: The spiral brush head design is gentle on the skin while effectively collecting loose fur, without causing harm or discomfort to your pet.

Spray Design: The unique spray function prevents static electricity and flying fur, quickly and easily removing dust and debris from your pet's coat. It comes with a built-in liquid inlet for adding water or essential fluids.

Anti-Static: This cat brush features a water spray design, lightly moistening your pet's fur while brushing. This helps soften and remove fur more effectively, especially during the fall and winter seasons, preventing static electricity and making grooming more manageable for your pet.

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