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Pet Nail Clipper

Pet Nail Clipper

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Ensure comfort and safety for your pets with our innovative nail clipper! Its unique illumination not only makes nail trimming safe but also provides visibility even in dark places. The clipper easily recharges with three compact batteries, ensuring a long service life.

Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, our clipper delivers excellent results. Gift your furry friends the care they deserve with our nail clipper – the perfect companion in maintaining their health and comfort.

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Key Product Details:

Battery: 3 * LR44 button battery
Available Colors: Blue, Pink
Material: Plastic + stainless steel
Size: 150 * 43 * 20 mm

Included in the Package:

1 nail clipper

Do not postpone caring for the health of your pets' paws. Make the right choice for quality and safety. Purchase our nail clippers today and give your furry friends the joy of well-cared-for paws.

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