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Cat Treat Wall Toy with Natural Organic Catnip

Cat Treat Wall Toy with Natural Organic Catnip

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~Lovely avocado-shaped catnip wall toys, very unique design, your cat will love them.

~Can be easily attached to any smooth and clean surface, such as a wall, floor, window, etc.

~The catnip chewing toy is specially designed for cats playing, easy to arouse the interest of your pets.

~Catnip-licking toys are made of safe materials, including catnip, silver rattan gall nuts, etc., doing no harm to your pets.

~306-degree ball, bring more fun to your kitten.

~Ideal gift for cats to keep their teeth clean, reduce boredom, consume excessive energy, and help improve the relationship between you and your cats.

Package Includes:

1x Catnip Wall Toy



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